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Your Board of Directors

The CCAA Board of Directors is the leadership group of the Alumni Association. It is made up of alumni volunteers who are committed to the success of the CCAA. The leadership provided by the board is integral to the successful implementation of its strategic plan, designed to accomplish the mission, vision and purpose of the Alumni Association.

The board meets four times a year to establish policy, develop goals and objectives, and direct the Office of Alumni Relations in long-range planning. The board consists of an executive committee, directors and ex-officio members.

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First row, left to right: Dale Coe Simons ’65, Martha Eberhard ’00, Bill Leeper ’04, Melissa Neterer Carroll ’03, Carol Winkler ’93; Second row, left to right: Lollie Zander Reed ’68, Avery Bourne ’14, Susan Davis, Michael Kateman, Bill Wright ’09, Drew Grzella ’01, Penny McQueen ’07, Marjorie Thomas Gutelius ’69; Stairs, left to right: Norris Tanner ’10, Penny Pitman ’65, Jonathan Dudley ’10, Joshua Muder ’99, Sonya Garrett ’96, Bill Johnston ’82, Lana Le Mons ’09, Nollie Moore, Johnette Van Dien ’09, Suzanne Pomeroy Ready ’81; Not Pictured: Lynne Stuver Baker ’64, Tonia Compton ’99, Mitch Gosney '13, Courtney Lauer '11, Chris Lievsay '09/'11, Rene’ Massey ’01, James Pasley '87, Lisa Kowalewski Sweeney '05


In April 2014, five alumni were invited to join the Board of Directors. Read more about your newest CCAA representatives.



Bill Leeper '04
Fernandina Beach, Fla.
Columbia College-NAS Jacksonville
Bill Wright '09
Jacksonville, Fla.
Online Campus
Immediate Past-President Treasurer
Martha Eberhard '00
Columbia, Mo.
Evening Campus
Joshua Muder '99
Olathe, Kan.
Day Campus
Alumni Board Of Trustee Member
Bill Johnston '82
Columbia, Mo.
Day Campus


Lynne Stuver Baker '64
Independence, Mo.
Christian College
Jonathan Dudley '10
Jefferson City, Mo.
Day Campus
Sonya Garrett '96
Hazelwood, Mo.
Columbia College-St. Louis
Mitch Gosney '13
Kansas City, Mo.
Day Campus
Marjorie Thomas Gutelius '69
Kansas City, Mo.
Christian College
Courtney Lauer '11
Columbia, Mo.
Day Campus
Lana Le Mons '09
Antioch, Ill.
Columbia College-Lake County
Chris Lievsay '09/'11
Blue Springs, Mo.
Columbia College-Kansas City
James Pasley '87
Lake Ozark, Mo.
Columbia College-Jefferson City
Penny Pitman '65
Marthasville, Mo.
Christian College

Suzanne Pomeroy Ready '81
Midland, Texas
Day Campus
Dale Coe Simons '65
Driftwood, Texas
Christian College
Lisa Kowalewski Sweeney '05
Phoeniz, Ariz.
Day Campus
Norris Tanner '10
Kansas City, Mo.
Columbia College-Kansas City
Johnette Van Dien '09
Winthrop Harbor, Ill.
Columbia College-Lake County
Carol Winkler '93
Columbia, Mo.
Evening Campus

Ex-Officio Members

Michael Kateman
Executive Director of Development,
Alumni & Public Relations

Rocheport, Mo.
Susan Davis
Senior Director of Alumni Relations
Boonville, Mo.
Tonia Compton '99
Assistant Profess of History
Faculty Representative
Columbia, Mo.
René Massey '01
Assistant Dean, Adult Higher Education
AHE Representative
Columbia, Mo.
Evening Campus

Jared Reichel '14
President - Student Government Association
SGA Representative
Ashland, Mo.
Day Campus

Nollie Moore
Director of Jane Froman Singers
Music & Fine Arts Representative
Columbia, Mo.

Drew Grzella '01
Assistant Director of Athletics
Athletics Representative

Columbia, Mo.
Day Campus
Emily Pry '15
Student Representative to SGA
Cassville, Mo.
Day Campus