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bill wright presidentPresident's Welcome

To All Alumni:

It is my pleasure to address you as the incoming president of the CCAA. These are exciting times for Columbia College and the Alumni Association. President and First Lady Dalrymple concluded their whirlwind tour to visit every campus in their first year, alumni events continue to grow in attendance and involvement, we are moving into our next phase of our strategic plan, and there is more in the works to increase involvement for all members of the Alumni Association. 

When we say, “We are CC,” it is so much more than a catchphrase. A look at our recent CCAA past presidents is a prime example that ALL campuses are valued and demonstrates the inclusiveness of our institution. Dale Coe Simons (2009-2011) Christian College ’65, Martha Eberhard (2011-2013) Columbia College Evening Campus ’00, Bill Leeper (2013-2015) NAS-Jacksonville – AHE Nationwide Campus ’04, and now, the Online program is represented during my term. Regardless of what campus you graduated from, you are now part of an 83,000-member family that continues to grow! From the day or evening programs on main campus to the 70 percent of alumni from the nationwide and online programs, we are all connected. 

With that being said, I encourage all Alumni who have not been to main campus to treat yourself and take a trip to Missouri. Pictures and videos give you a taste of your alma mater, but nothing can replace walking through Rogers Gate firsthand. Nothing can take the place of walking the halls or climbing the stairs in St. Clair Hall. Streaming is good, but nothing is quite like the experience of watching basketball at the Arena of Southwell Complex or soccer on the pitch at R. Marvin Owens Stadium. Come home to Columbia and remember - WE ARE CC!!


Bill Wright '09
President 2015-2017
Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA)