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Alumni Relations Staff

The Alumni Relations main office is located in the Garden Level of St. Clair Hall, Room 11. If you're on campus, stop by and say hello or call us anytime at (800) 231-2391, ext. ALUM, by fax at (573) 875-7733 or email us at

Suzanne Rothwell

Executive Director of Advancement
Office: St. Clair Hall, Room 107
Phone: (573) 875-7207
Suzanne oversees the Advancement Division of Columbia College. She is responsible for the college’s strategic communication efforts, community outreach and management of fundraising efforts to benefit the priorities of the institution. A liaison to the college for the CCAA Board of Directors, Suzanne is also a member of President Dalrymple’s Administrative Council and the Steven and Barbara Fishman Center Board of Directors. A supporter of the Columbia community, Suzanne is a Columbia Chamber of Commerce Ambassador and President of the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation Board of Directors.

Ann Merrifield

Director of Alumni Relations
Office: St. Clair Hall, Room 11
Phone: (573) 875-7841
Ann promotes and establishes mutually beneficial relations between the college, its alumni and friends of the college. She serves as the liaison between the CCAA Board of Directors and works closely with the Executive Director of Advancement to plan and implement programs and projects that strategically engage alumni and students in strengthening their affinity to Columbia College.

Carolyn Preul

Carolyn PreulAssociate Director of Alumni Relations
Office: St. Clair Hall, Room 11
Phone: (573) 875-7374
Carolyn assists with the planning, organization and implementation of strategic and departmental goals. She manages the Alumni Association's website, social media accounts and alumni merchandise store, as well as designing event collateral and the bi-annual alumni magazine, Affinty. She also serves on college committees designed to bolster alumni interaction and collaborating with various college departments on alumni outreach initiatives.

Stasia Sherman

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Office: St. Clair Hall, Room 11
Phone: (573) 875-7758
Stasia provides assistance in developing and strengthening Alumni Relations' relationship with nationwide campuses. She is responsible for event planning, both at the main campus and regional events around the country. She is also responsible for developing alumni volunteer opportunities, managing regional Affinity Councils and maintaining the CCAA Membership Rewards Program.

Heather Williams

Administrative Assistant for Advancement
Office: St. Clair Hall, Room 11
Phone: (573) 875-2586
Heather provides support to Advancement staff in both Alumni and Public Relations. She assists with community outreach initiatives, alumni correspondence and the day-to-day organization of both offices.