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Alumni Recognition

Alumni who have provided service to Columbia College, their community or have been outstanding in their professional field may be honored through the Columbia College Alumni Association recognition program. We encourage you to complete the nomination form so that outstanding alumni may be honored.

The annual selection of recipients of the Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA) alumni awards shall be based on the following purposes:

  1. To recognize the alumni of the college who have rendered distinguished service to the communities in which they live and to the general public as a result of exceptional achievement.
  2. To honor the college by giving suitable recognition to its outstanding alumni thereby reflecting credit on the educational program of the college.
  3. To inspire and encourage other alumni of the college to make outstanding contributions to society.
  4. To promote a stronger bond of fellowship among the alumni.
  5. To stimulate a continued interest in and loyalty to the college.

All alumni and friends of Columbia College are invited to submit nominations for the Columbia College Alumni Association awards. The nominating committee of the Alumni Association will consider all submissions.

The nomination period for consideration of the 2017 Alumni Awards closed Friday, Dec. 31, 2016. Awards will be presented at the Alumni Awards Banquet and Presentation on Friday, April 21, 2017, at Columbia College main campus.

Distinguished Alumni Award

  1. Achieved regional or national recognition in his/her field.
  2. Rendered service to Columbia College or service to his/her local community.

Professional Achievement Award

  1. Attained outstanding success in his/her chosen career field within the last 10 years.
  2. Award may be bestowed on more than one candidate.

Columbia College Service Award

  1. Promoted and served Columbia College.
  2. Made significant contributions and has maintained a relationship with the college.

Community Service Award

  1. Demonstrated outstanding contribution in serving his/her community.

Jane Froman Courage Award

  1. Demonstrated perseverance to overcome personal obstacles while continuing to better him/her personally or professionally.
  2. Displays a spirit of courage in daily life.