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'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.' - Aesop
The goal of the Columbia College alumni volunteer program is to develop an affinity among the entire Columbia College alumni community. No matter what your interests, background, hometown or availability, we can connect you to the opportunity that fits your schedule.

Get involved today! Fill out a volunteer form.

We value your involvement and leadership and welcome your feedback. Send your ideas for volunteer efforts in your area or find out how you can get involved in the CCAA. Would you like to be considered for a Volunteer Spotlight in Affinity magazine? Contact the Alumni Relations office at (800) 231-2391, ext. ALUM, or for details.

Work with Students


The mentoring program pairs Columbia College graduates and friends of the College with students who are looking for educational advice, career guidance and life lessons via LinkedIn. It’s a wonderful opportunity for alumni who appreciate what Columbia College gave them to give something back by helping the next generation of students.

  • What do Mentors do? Mentors will utilize LinkedIn to present and answer student’s questions. Mentors draw on their real-world experience to give students advice about making the right choices in school, getting ahead in their careers and developing social skills. They serve as confidence boosters as well as role models. Mentors act as sounding boards for their students and provide practical feedback. They share ideas, communicate knowledge, identify useful resources and help clarify educational and professional goals.
  • How much time does it take? Each topic presented can vary with regard to the time spent answering the question. As a general rule a mentor is asked to post two to three times a week via the LinkedIn group. The ongoing relationship is nurtured through phone calls and e-mail contact as necessary.
  • Why should you become a Mentor? The mentor-student relationship is about career professionals offering friendly guidance and encouragement to an up-and-coming generation. It’s based on mutual respect and openness. It’s a two-way street — mentors often say they learn as much as they teach. And the satisfaction of helping guide young scholars onto the path toward success is one of life’s great rewards.

To become a mentor, please fill out the Volunteer Form!

Speed Networking

Currently, our annual speed networking event is hosted on the main campus in Columbia, Missouri.

  • What is "Speed Networking"? Speed Networking is an efficient, face-to-face professional networking model similar to “speed dating” that enables participants to make new contacts through one-on-one short, focused conversations. It is an excellent opportunity for professionals and current students to forge new connections within the Columbia College community.
  • Benefits of Networking: Making new contacts provides access to innovative, engaging classmates who can broaden your career horizons. Connecting with current students who are looking to work in industries you are currently a part of is an excellent way to provide motivation to someone who may be where you were in the past.

For more information on the next speed networking event, email You can sign up to volunteer through the Volunteer Form.

Student Recruitment

The Alumni Undergraduate Admission Recruiting program supports the efforts of undergraduate admissions representatives who actively engage students. The Alumni Undergraduate Admission Recruiting program invites dedicated CC friends and alumni to assist with the recruitment of prospective undergraduate CC students for any venue.

 Ways to Get Involved

  • Write Prospective Student Note Cards: The Columbia College Admissions office has identified high ability students from across the country, and we need your help to recruit these future Cougars! To volunteer for this initiative, alumni are asked to write personalized notes to these prospective students. The Alumni Relations office will send you pre-printed notecards with space for a personalized message and pre-addressed envelopes. Letter writers are responsible for postage costs and dropping cards in the mail. A gift acknowledgement can be provided as your request for postage expenses. Volunteers will receive personalized Columbia College Alumni return address labels as a thank-you for your time.
  • Calling Prospective or Admitted Students: Communicating with prospective students helps to create a personal bond between Columbia College and the student. You may be asked to call a list of students in your area to encourage them to apply or congratulate them on their admission into CC. Feel free to share your personal stories about your time as a Cougar!
  • Attending or Helping with a College Fair: College fairs increase Columbia College’s presence in your local community and provide a unique opportunity for personal interaction between alumni and students. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers! Your main job is to collect students’ information, as well as encourage them to view the admissions website and visit campus.
  • Scholarship Day: Scholarship Day is a competitive day for main campus students to vie for institutional scholarships and endowed funds by participating in an interview process. The competition is held on three separate dates throughout the fall and spring on the Columbia College campus in Columbia, Missouri. On any given event, there may be as many as 150 students who are participating. Interview teams consist of two interviewers. In the past, teams have been primarily made up of faculty and staff members. We want to encourage any interested alumni to participate. We feel interviews will be more exciting as alumni can share their experience and speak to the student environment at Columbia College! The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to 10 students and is worth full tuition. Each scholarship can be renewed based upon academic performance. Check the Scholarship Day website for details!

To get started, fill out the Volunteer Form or email for more information.

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Connect with Classmates

Alumni Award Nominations

All alumni and friends of Columbia College are invited to submit nominations for the Columbia College Alumni Association awards. The nominating committee of the Alumni Association will consider all submissions. Alumni who have provided service to Columbia College, their community or have been outstanding in their professional field may be honored through the Columbia College Alumni Association recognition program. For more information, visit the Alumni Recognition webpage.

Alumni Board of Directors

The Alumni Association calls upon energetic alumni to serve as dedicated members on the CCAA Board of Directors. As a member of the Board of Directors, you’ll work in conjunction with staff and other directors to develop and promote the strategic direction of the association and review, monitor and develop policy and programs that help accomplish the Columbia College Alumni Association’s vision. A board member also helps shape the programs of the association to reflect the needs and desires of the college’s alumni that are consistent with the best interests of the association and college. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Alumni Relations office at or by calling (573) 875-2586. You may also fill out the Volunteer Form.

Class Notes

Let everyone know what's been going on with you these days. Share your wedding and baby announcements, career changes or other exciting life changes by submitting a note online. Upload a high-resolution photo of yourself to accompany your good news. These submissions will be considered for inclusion in Affinity magazine. 

Family Day & Homecoming

Columbia College invites all alumni, students, parents, family and friends to visit main campus for our annual Homecoming festivities. Join us for food, music, games and activities for all ages. Check out photos from previous events and see what is coming up next here. For more information on how you can participate in Homecoming weekend, please contact the Alumni Relations office at or by calling (573) 875-2586.

As a member of a Homecoming Reunion Committee, you can reach out to classmates by phone or email. You can encourage classmates to attend Homecoming, or even plan a Mini-Reunion for dorm mates, teammates or any other special group. Just an hour or two of your time can go a long way. To get started, email

Holiday Cocktail Reception

Join your fellow alumni for an evening of dinner and festivities on main campus in Columbia, Missouri. This a great chance to reconnect and bond with close friends and former classmates. Held in mid-December, the annual festivities include carriage rides, holiday music and complimentary drinks and appetizers. Call (573) 875-2586 for details about the next holiday reception.

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Opportunities in Your Area

Alumni Affinity Councils

Affinity Councils offer opportunities for alumni of shared interests to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional class and regional structure. Benefits of the Alumni Affinity Program include:

  • Creates a medium through which alumni can reconnect with each other around shared experiences, interests, and identities
  • Increases opportunities for alumni to get involved and meet fellow alumni
  • Promotes leadership
  • Fosters a sense of community within the Columbia College alumni population
  • Supports a culture of philanthropy for the college

Individuals who share a common interest, goal or affinity that furthers the mission of the college may organize groups with guidance and procedures provided by the CCAA Board of Directors. Learn more about the Affinity Council program here. For more information, contact the Alumni Relations office at or by calling (573) 875-2586.


Are you interested in hiring top talent and making a difference for fellow Columbia College alumni? As an alumnus, you know the value of the Columbia College degree and the benefits gained from valuable work experiences. Post an internship, full-time job opportunity or share your professional experience and advice for a Columbia student. To post an internship opening, contact Dan Gomez-Palacio at or call (573) 875-4564.

Alumni Networking Events

The Columbia College Alumni Association hosts regional alumni networking socials throughout the year. Check our schedule of events to see when we are coming to your area!

Class Agent

A Class Agent helps to build informed, unified and motivated classes to create a strong affinity for Columbia College. Class agents serve as liaisons between their classmates and the College. Fill out the Class Agent form for more information.

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