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alumni volunteer roles & responsibilities

At Columbia College, we value our alumni volunteers and recognize the important role they play in meeting the mission of the CCAA to be the model alumni association. The knowledge and experience of our alumni volunteers is invaluable and every single volunteer strengthens the Columbia College community.

As a Columbia College alumni volunteer, you act as an ambassador of the alumni association. Due to the important role that you play, we encourage participants to be committed to the following:

  • Support the College’s mission, vision, policies, programs and services
  • Support the CCAA’s mission, vision, values, programs and services
  • Participate in the College and CCAA’s programs and activities
  • Participate in orientation, training and ongoing development opportunities
  • Approach your volunteer role as a professional commitment
  • Willingly and enthusiastically serve in leadership positions or take on special assignments when requested 
  •  Follow established policies and procedures if there are grievances
  •  Avoid asking special favors of the Alumni Relations staff
  • Avoid conflict of interest situations that might embarrass the College or the CCAA
  • Disclose any possible conflicts of interest that may embarrass the College or the CCAA
  • Maintain fairness, ethics and personal integrity at all times
  • Refuse to accept (or offer) favors of gifts from (or to) anyone doing business with the College or CCAA
  • Be considerate and respectful towards others and work collaboratively with other volunteers to the benefit of the College/CCAA
  • Maintain confidentiality of all privileged information they are exposed to while serving as a volunteer